Hi! I’m Stephen.

Currently, I’m a grad student in English and American Studies at Oxford, and I got my B.A. in Comparative Literature from Yale. This is a place to air thoughts on All Things Literary. Literature has the unique power to tell us about life from the inside: who we are, how other people work, and how we should live. That kind of knowledge is accessible to, and intended for, everyone, and comes to us differently among people. Academia doesn’t have a monopoly on that awareness, but it can be a very useful tool for making sense of and comparing different works across place and time.

This blog, if everything works right, should be a bridge between those two spheres: using some of the tools of academia to draw lessons from literature for the everyday. Ideally, I’d answer all of these questions, and solve the Humanities forever. Since I can’t, I’ll try to offer interesting thoughts about the place of lit in the world now and where it might be going.


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